ITUC supports call for independent reform commission for FIFA and the terms of reference posted by Transparency International

Brussels, 7 August 2015 (ITUC): The corruption scandals plaguing FIFA are the result of a systemic failure of governance over many years. The criminal charges filed against FIFA and Confederation officials have tarnished the organisation and those associated with it. The failure by FIFA to recognise the severity of the problem, and its rejection of previous recommendations of reform, demonstrate that it is unable to reform itself.

Campaigning groups have called for an Independent Reform Commission (IRC) – this is how it could be established:

Terms of Reference – for the Chair of the IRC to finalise:

  1. To review and make recommendations on the governance structure of FIFA to minimise the risks of corruption and ensure transparency and accountability.
  2. To review and develop the Statutes and Codes of FIFA accordingly.
  3. To review and make recommendations on urgent anti-corruption measures required.
  4. To review and make recommendations on the bidding, awarding and hosting criteria for all current and future major FIFA events including responsibilities towards human rights, anti-corruption and environmental and social sustainability.
  5. To determine and oversee the composition and recruitment of the Commission so that it is able to reflect the interests of all stakeholders, ensuring each member is an independent person of high repute.
  6. To appoint independent expert advisers as may be required.
  7. To make public interim and annual reports and records of Commission meetings.
  8. To make public the final report of the Commission

The FIFA Executive Committee is required to:

  1. To agree and abide by the terms of reference as set out above.
  2. To provide funding for an independent secretariat with an initial budget.
  3. To allocate to the secretariat the budget as determined by the Chair of the IRC.
  4. To fully co-operate with the Commission in the provision of documents and witnesses as required.
  5. To indemnify the Chair, Commission and secretariat.

The Secretariat:

  1. To be an independent organisation with appropriate expertise and international standing.
  2. To establish an independent panel of stakeholders to recruit the Chair.
  3. To have in place transparent and accountable governance and reporting procedures.
  4. To make public all expenditure in line with best practice and report accordingly to the Chair.


  1. The Chair, Members of the Commission, appointments panel and secretariat must have no conflict of interest in relation to FIFA, including any payment or commercial interest in the past or currently in respect of them or any members of their immediate family.
  2. A condition of participation would be that the Chair, the Members of the Commission and the members of the secretariat undertake not to accept any paid position with FIFA or receive fees from FIFA for a period of five years after the commencement of the Commission’s work.

Notes: What makes this different from previous attempts?
An independent panel will recruit the Chair not FIFA. It is proposed that the Chair would be a person of high standing such as a former leader of an international organisation or a judicial figure of repute. The Chair and Commission will be supported by an independent secretariat and not FIFA.