ITUC Support for Algerian Teachers

The ITUC has expressed its support for 2,500 Algerian teachers facing repression from the government over their demands to be transferred from temporary to permanent contracts.

Teachers protested by going on hunger strike following a 240km walk, with one of them, Fullah Jalal, suffering a broken leg when she was beaten by security forces. The teachers have also been threatened with outright dismissal by the Algerian Education Minister.

Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary, said: “Teachers are essential to the future of any country, and deserve decent employment conditions just as other workers do. The Algerian authorities are acting in a callous and authoritarian way to the legitimate call by these teachers for secure employment to replace their current status on precarious contracts. We call on the government to open a genuine dialogue to meet the request put forward by these education professionals.”

The Amman-based Arab Trade Union Confederation and the independent trade union centre in Algeria, CGATA, are calling for solidarity support for the 2,500 teachers.