ITUC Special Commission

On 13 January, the 29th meeting of the ITUC General Council finalised the terms of reference to establish a Special Commission.

The Special Commission has been charged “to investigate the circumstances surrounding the allegations against Luca Visentini, will include the results of an external audit, and ITUC financial rules and procedures, the conduct of elections and related issues.”

At the request of the ITUC Special Commission, the ITUC is releasing the following statement from ITUC Special Commission Chair Eva Nordmark:

“After weeks of preparatory and exploratory tasks, the ITUC Special Commission convened its first formal meeting on 7 February. At this meeting, we reviewed the scope of our mandate as outlined in the terms of reference, heard initial reports, and charted the course of our work for the weeks ahead.

"The Commission has already met with the Trade Union Delegation that represents ITUC staff as well as with all available staff to brief them on the process and ensure them of our commitment to them and their extraordinary work.

"The audit secretariat has informed us that an audit firm has been selected that meets all requirements under Belgian law and has capacity to conduct all forms of investigation required. We look forward to receiving and reviewing the audit in the process of completing our own report, scheduled to be delivered to the ITUC General Council on 11 March.

"Given the generous cooperation we have so far received from external experts, affiliated organisations, and from within ITUC, we are confident that we can conduct this process with the utmost independence and integrity. It is paramount that we do so, because the corruption alleged is a threat to the fundamental values of democracy, justice and solidarity which the trade union movement stands for.

"For more information, we are enclosing details on the composition of the Special Commission as well as the Terms of Reference that guide our work.”