ITUC Organising Academy Classroom Course

The aim of the ITUC Organising Course is to provide Organisers and Lead Organisers with:

  • An understanding of strategic targeting;
  • Practical organising skills to increase union density and build power in a target workplace, company, industry, or sector;
  • The ability to introduce the union to workers through one on one conversations and leadership development;
  • Leadership skills to manage a campaign and a team or organisers;
  • The capacity to develop comprehensive campaign plans to improve union density and contribute to workers’ power; and
  • An opportunity to exchange organising experiences with trainers and other participants.

The total course is designed for 5 days of informal and participative classroom training and discussions. Depending on the individual design, it can take place in four to seven days. Each activity has an indicative time frame to be considered. The full curriculum is available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic. It provides clear and simple instructions for course sessions. It includes helpful case studies, handouts and worksheets that can easily be printed and used to ensure training sessions are interactive. It is also designed to facilitate planning and discussion around a participant’s own campaign.

ITUC Organising Academy Classroom Course
ITUC Organising Academy Classroom Course (short version)
ITUC Organising Academy Classroom Course (Arabic version)

To get the password to open the ITUC Organising Academy curriculum (PDF above), please send an email to [email protected]