ITUC General Council takes steps towards 2022 Congress

The ITUC General Council, at its meeting 30 November - 2 December, has taken the next steps towards the 5th ITUC World Congress, which will take place in November 2022 in Australia.

The Council discussed the first draft of the Congress statement, with a further draft due to be circulated to all affiliates in early 2022, and it approved a list of organisations to be invited to Congress.

The ITUC Frontline Campaigns and Four Pillars for Action 2022 was adopted, providing the foundations for Congress 2022 and framed by the demand for a New Social Contract.

The Council also:

  • adopted a resolution opposing attempts by the extreme right to subvert trade unions, reiterated the importance of vaccination, and stated that the intimidation of people who vaccinate is unacceptable;
  • heard an oral report from the International Labour Organization (ILO) about the International Labour Conference and the process to appoint a new ILO Director-General;
  • approved the budget for 2022;
  • discussed affiliations to the ITUC, including welcoming the General Federation of Libyan Trade Unions (GFLTU) and welcoming back the Central Nacional de Trabajadores (CNT), Paraguay; and
  • endorsed reports from the Solidarity Fund Management Board, the Elected Leadership Group and the Human and Trade Union Rights Committee.

The Council heard about countries that need particular attention from the ITUC in 2022:

  • Afghanistan: the Council heard a proposal to organise a conference in 2022 to launch a global trade union solidarity strategy.
  • Hong Kong: the Council considered a strategy to set up a worldwide campaign calling for the release of imprisoned union activists.
  • Myanmar: the Council discussed plans to continue isolating the junta and recognising the National Unity Government, and it received thanks for the Myanmar Strike Fund.
  • Palestine: the Council heard about the call to regularly update the UN database of companies operating illegally in Israeli settlements on Palestinian land, relaunch the peace process and recognise Palestine as a UN member state.
  • Brazil: the Council heard how the ITUC campaign contributed to the release of former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who could run for re-election next year and change the political tide in the region.

Climate award

The 2021 Dorje Khatri Award for Climate Justice, which recognises outstanding contributions to the fight for sustainability and just transition, was awarded to COSATU, FEDUSA, SAFTU, and NUMSA, all of which participated in the Presidential Climate Commission in South Africa, where just transition was agreed to be the foundation of a social pact.

This led to international recognition and agreement at COP26 in Glasgow with the Just Energy Transition Partnership and the declaration to support the conditions for just transition.

The next meeting of the ITUC General Council is planned for 18-20 May 2022.