ITUC contribution to consultation human rights impact assessments

The ITUC has submitted a contribution to the ongoing public consultation for the development of guidelines for human rights impact assessments for economic reforms, being undertaken by the UN Independent Expert on Human Rights and Foreign Debt.

The ITUC welcomes the development of such impact assessment guidelines and stresses that they should fully consider the effects of planned economic reforms on social rights, including labour rights, as laid down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant of Social and Cultural Rights, and ILO standards. They should be applied consistently for national-level reforms, as well as to international organisations in the development of their economic policies and international financial institutions when they apply economic policy conditions to their lending agreements.

The ITUC’s contribution to the consultation seeks to define the social and labour considerations that should be embedded such impact assessment guidelines. It also sets out the processes that are needed in order to sure that impact assessments are conducted in a transparent, evidence-based way that fully involves social partners and key stakeholders

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ITUC contribution to consultation human rights impact assessments
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