ITUC calls for YOUR action on Climate Change

The ITUC needs the mobilisation of all affiliated organisations to ask their governments to support trade unions proposals in UNFCCC UNFCCC The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is an international environmental treaty negotiated at the Earth Summit held in Rio in June 1992. The objective of this treaty is to “stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system”. However, the treaty is legally non-binding. It was signed by more than 180 governments and promotes the principles of common but differentiated responsibility and precautionary action. negotiations. We need “Just Transition” to appear in the Copenhagen outcome, as well as specific mentions to green jobs opportunities, consultation, public services and training, among others.

Send the model letter to your government, accompanied by the ITUC amendments (July Amendments) conveying specific demands of the trade union movement. We would encourage you to organise a meeting with the Minister responsible for climate change in your government in order to hand over and discuss these documents, which constitute the basis for mainstreaming social justice in the next agreement.

In order to help you with the lobbying, we have developed a “Trade Union Grid”, explaining briefly the background of each amendment and why we are supporting it. The ITUC stands ready to provide advice and whatever support is feasible for such national actions.

For more information, go to the section on the ITUC Lobby Strategy.

Download the documents:

UNFCCC July: Letter for Governments
UNFCCC July: TU Priorities for the Negotiating Text
UNFCCC July: Amendments Grid