Israel Palestine


The ITUC is gravely concerned at the escalating violence between Israel and Hamas, following the attacks launched against Israel from Gaza, which have drawn strong condemnation from UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

The ITUC utterly condemns attacks on civilians, with hundreds believed to have been killed already, many more injured and others kidnapped.

This latest outbreak of violence risks spiralling into all-out war, with devastating consequences for Israelis and Palestinians and for the region as well. Extremist rhetoric will only worsen the conflict, costing yet more lives and leaving a peaceful and just solution further out of reach.

The ITUC calls for all sides, and the international community, to act for peace. This decades-long conflict can only be brought to a just outcome through dialogue, respect for international law, in particular human rights law, and the full implementation of the relevant UN Security Council Resolutions to bring about a two-state solution.