Israel: Histadrut calls general strike


The ITUC-affiliated national trade union centre in Israel, Histadrut, has announced a general strike if the government of Benjamin Netanyahu proceeds with sweeping plans to change the judiciary.

At a press conference the chair of Histadrut, Arnon Bar-David, said the strike was intended to make the government drop the plan, and “return the state of Israel to sanity”.

The changes would place judicial appointments under the direct control of the government, strip the Supreme Court of judicial review powers and weaken legal oversight of government ministries.

Histadrut’s announcement is backed by employers, professional associations, academics and other key parts of Israel’s economy and society. Massive public protests have been ongoing for several weeks, and the Supreme Court and Attorney General have described the changes as illegal.

The ITUC fully supports Histadrut’s strong opposition to the government’s plan, which is driven by extreme-right elements in the governing coalition.