Ibero-american Trade Union Meeting (Cartagena) - Declaration

The prevailing form of globalisation is imposing high social costs and high productivity
demands on our peoples, not only in the less-developed regions but also in countries
where globalisation is viewed as a success. The application of the neo-liberal model has
led to social fragmentation illustrated by the increasing deterioration of living standards
of large sectors of the population that have been hit by growing unemployment, subcontracting
and increasing labour flexibility, job insecurity, worsening living conditions,
increasing poverty, continuing child labour and rising social inequality. The primary or
exclusive requirement to make a profit has damaged the abundant but unprotected natural
resources and environmental protection, reduced the cost of labour and decreased job
security, whilst the continuing violations of fundamental human and trade union rights,
particularly in the maquiladoras, coupled with gender inequalities, harassment of workers,
discrimination based on class, race and ethnic origin have all been regarded as
inducements for investors. These trends have been threatening the sustainable
development of large regions in the Americas. The serious lack of decent work is
undermining the social security systems, turning workers’ rights into mere rhetorical
statements, destroying any possibility of social dialogue and rendering companies’ social
commitments worthless along with the political undertakings of the states to promote the
implementation of the social agreements reached at the various Ibero-American summits...

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Ibero-american Trade Union Meeting 2007 Declaration