Hong Kong: Former union leaders arrested as repression escalates

photo: EyePress via AFP

The ITUC is calling for urgent action by governments following the latest attack on union activities by the authorities in Hong Kong.

National security police raided the offices of the disbanded Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU), arrested four former leaders and searched their homes.

The union activists detained and interrogated were the former chairperson, Joe Wong; the former vice chairperson, Leo Tang; the former treasurer, Chung Chung-fai; and the former general secretary, Lee Cheuk Yan, who remains in prison for his trade union activities.

ITUC General Secretary Sharan Burrow said: “The repression in Hong Kong is just getting worse and worse following the political takeover by the Chinese Communist Party.

“The authority’s tactic to use past trade union activities to persecute people now runs counter to logic, justice and international law, namely the ILO principle of freedom of association and Convention 87, which Hong Kong has ratified.

“They are retrospectively criminalising people for legitimate trade union activities to create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation for all civil society groups. The situation for human rights in Hong Kong is fast deteriorating, and governments who care about freedom and democracy must act fast.”