Haiti: solidarity with export processing zone workers

The ITUC has joined with its affiliated organisations, the CTH, CTSP and CSH, in firmly condemning the recent dismissals of several union leaders working at various export processing zone companies. The dismissals took place just hours after their respective unions received recognition from the Labour Ministry.

In a letter to President Joseph Martelly, the ITUC denounced these anti-union dismissals, which violate the Haitian labour law, ILO conventions 87 and 98, and clauses of the HOPE/HELP Acts. For more information about these violations.

"The authorities must take urgent action to ensure that each and every one of these unfairly dismissed trade unionists be immediately reinstated to their posts," said ITUC General Secretary Sharan Burrow. "It is crucial that a climate of full respect for the fundamental principles of trade union rights and freedoms be established in the export processing zone and that dialogue between the social partners - a key tool in the quest for social peace - be promoted."

"The deterioration in the situation of export processing zone workers is unacceptable. The authorities must take urgent measures," said the ITUC general secretary.