General Strike in Morocco

A national strike today organised by the main trade union confederations in Morocco, the ITUC-affiliated UMT, CDT and UGTM, along with the FDT and teachers’ union SNES, has received strong backing from workers and the public throughout the country.

The unions have resorted to strike action after the government refused to hold any meaningful dialogue over a series of issues including wages, taxation, pensions and labour legislation. With living standards for Moroccan workers falling, increased violations of workers’ rights and the government unilaterally imposing regressive measures on workers, support for the strike action has been widespread.

Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary, said: “The Moroccan government is refusing to listen to its own people – the women and men who create wealth and sustain society and the economy. The ITUC calls on the government to step back from its anti-social and confrontational approach, and have a meaningful dialogue with the unions. We fully support the actions of the Moroccan trade unions, and will continue to back their just cause with solidarity from working people around the world.”