G20 Summit Shows Global Leadership: Now to Make it Work

The Statement adopted by the G20 countries at their virtual summit on 26 March shows extraordinary leadership in tackling the COVID-19 crisis.

The commitments on health, finance, protection of workers, jobs and the economy through global cooperation are welcome news at a time when the entire world is facing the devastating health, economic and social impacts of the virus.

« We congratulate the G20 on their joint commitment with an economic stimulus of unprecedented proportions including a massive boost for health, protection of workers, jobs and the economy and on their commitment to international cooperation at a time when multilateralism and the capacity to deal with global challenges have been in decline.

The whole world is threatened, the whole world needs to stand together and the summit statement provides hope. We now need to make it work with social dialogue in the real economy involving unions and business to design and implement measures nationally and globally. G20 Labour and finance ministers must work together with social partners to make this happen.

It is also paramount to ensure that the support to developing countries meets the huge needs that are emerging and will grow. $5 trillion dollars is an enormous commitment but if not targeted to include the most vulnerable our world will emerge more unequal.

Trade unions across the world are ready to play their part in making this work, » said Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary.