Frontlines Report 2016 - Scandal

Frontlines Report 2016 - Scandal

Scandal reportage: Episode previews

1. Apple Inc.: The Human Tragedy

They make the electronic gadgets that billions around the world rely upon. But who is looking after the workers throughout Apple’s supply chain? This exclusive look behind the scenes reveals the real stories of workers assembling the products that make Apple Inc. one of the world’s most profitable companies.

2. A toxic workplace, ASM International in China

For two years Ming Kunpeng worked at a factory owned by Dutch company ASM International. His bosses told him the deadly chemicals he used every day were safe. After battling leukaemia caused by chemical exposure, Ming killed himself after ASM refused to cover his full medical costs. Watch his story here.

3. In the Basement: T-Mobile USA Deutsche Telekom Germany

A man is called down to the basement of a New York store. Interrogated by T-Mobile company managers for hours, he is told to vote “no” to the union. This is the true story of the “Harlem 7”, a group of workers who stood up to company oppression and voted to form a union. T-Mobile USA is owned by the German company Deutsche Telekom. Share this video and tell @Tmobile @deutschetelekom #WeExpectBetter

4. McPriceless – why workers fight for 15

What’s the true cost of McDonald’s paying low wages to its workers? Watch here and see the real need for a minimum living wage.

5. The true cost of Walmart’s low prices

How can a Walmart T-shirt cost just $5.97? Walmart is the world’s largest retailer and one of the world’s biggest employers, but US employees are paid below-poverty-line wages and workers at its global suppliers are treated even worse. See the true cost of Walmart products in a supply chain that relies on low pay, dangerous warehouses and extreme cost-cutting.

6. Made in Kyrgyzstan

Working 12-hour days for as little as $47 a week, Kyrgyzstan’s textile workers are essential to the central Asian country’s economy. Around 90 per cent of garment workers are women and most come from rural areas. Watch their story and see how their union is making factories safer and improving working lives.

7. Children at work: India’s gemstones

Jaipur is the centre of India’s gemstone industry, where thousands of children work to cut and polish rubies, opals, emeralds and other precious stones. Some are paid as little as $8 a month in an industry worth $39 billion a year. See their story behind the scenes.

8. Citra Mina, what’s the catch for workers?

Tuna exporting giant Citra Mina is one of the Philippine’s biggest seafood suppliers. The company makes billions of dollars in sales to the European, Asian and North American markets, while workers endure a grim reality of precarious work and labour standards violations. A must-see.

9. Union-busting at a Samsung & Apple supplier

Workers at NXP Philippines, a company producing chips for Samsung and Apple, were laid off for asking for a deserved pay rise. The company’s plan? Union-busting. But they didn’t expect the huge public support for the Filipino workers.