French Labour Law – Support from CFDT

The ITUC-affiliated French labour confederation CFDT has re-affirmed its support for the labour law being proposed by the French government, having strongly criticised the government’s initial proposals for reform.

The CFDT described the initial proposals as unbalanced and based on a vision of liberalisation, in particular concerning deregulation of working time, unilateral power for employers and the provisions concerning dismissal of workers.

CFDT General Secretary Laurent Berger said “The first version of the proposed law being debated in France was subject to profound modifications thanks to trade union mobilisation.

In a statement adopted by its National Council, the CFDT stated that it considers the revised text of the proposal to be coherent and balanced, and supports its adoption. The CFDT however criticises France’s employers for their weak engagement in social dialogue, which is central to the country’s economic development. The law is currently under debate in the French Senate.