Eswatini is one of the 10 worst countries in the world for working people

No guarantee of rights (?)

Country score is the same as last year.

The government systematically undermined the rule of law and failed to root out corruption. Freedom of expression was severely curtailed, with the media firmly under the control of the King. The brutal suppression of the right to association and assembly is indicative of the difficult conditions facing individuals, trade unions, and civil society organisations. Union leaders and human rights activists were relentlessly persecuted.

SWATCAWU General Secretary on “wanted” list

After being placed on a ‘wanted’ list by the government, Sticks Nkambule, the General Secretary of the Swaziland Transport, Communication and Allied Workers’ Union (SWATCAWU), is still in hiding. He was forced into exile 18 months ago, when his name was published by the police as a wanted person for alleged criminal conduct. He now faces a baseless contempt charge, and this marks the latest move to silence him following an assassination attempt and a police raid at his house that took place in 2022.

Credit: IndustriALL

Protestors call for the release of Eswatini’s political prisoners outside the country’s consulate in Johannesburg, South Africa. Eswatini’s trade union leaders and human rights activists continue to be relentlessly persecuted in the country, with murders and abductions now common place.

Teachers’ union president fired for union activity

On 29 August 2023, Mbongwa Ernest Dlamini, President of the Swaziland National Association of Teachers (SNAT), was dismissed from his teaching role by the Teaching Service Commission for alleged absenteeism due to his union activities. Since 2020, Dlamini has been subjected to an increasing span of harassment, from work transfers, to suspension, a reduction in his salary, and threats to his life that culminated in a gun attack.