1ère Conférence Mondiale des Femmes de la CSI - Discours de Guy Ryder, secrétaire général de la CSI (en anglais)

1st ITUC World Women’s Conference Brussels, 20 October 2009

The documents provided for this Conference provided equally graphic evidence of
a reality that all of you know – that the decent work deficit for women is more
profound than it is for men, and that the phenomenon of gender inequality is
universal, complex in its multiple dimensions, and also that it has proven
remarkably resistant to the action so far taken to eradicate it. We have before us
then a rather clear definition of the problem we must address. The challenge
before all of you, before this Conference, is to define with the same clarity what
the ITUC and its Global Unions partners need to do to drive the decent work for
women agenda forward in ways which do, finally, bring down the edifice of

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Speech by Guy Ryder