Denmark - Covid-19 Danish response (FH)

Danish response to mitigate the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic (FH)
Tripartite agreement on temporary wage compensation for private sector employees (FH)
Working time distribution will become more flexible (FH)
Tripartite agreement aims to help employees (FH)

New tripartite agreement:

A 30-day online qualification course is now being offered to unskilled and skilled professionals in the service, tourism, hotel and restaurant sectors. While employees participate in distance learning, companies can have their wages covered through funds from the VEU** allowance and competency funds. Empty restaurants and hotels hit the service, tourism, hotel and restaurant business hard. But it must help a new collaboration. 3F, HORESTA and the Board of Labor Market and Recruitment have agreed on a model where companies from all over the country can send unskilled and skilled employees on skills development for up to 30 days. Rybner’s Course Center offers the course, which focuses on industry-specific competencies such as personal sales, online customer service, marketing and food hygiene. During the training period, companies can receive the wage loss partly from the WEU allowance and partly from the competence fund funds, if these are available through the agreement. This means that companies do not have to pay employees’ salaries during the training period. The companies pay the course fee alone.

**VEU stands for Adult and Further Training. If workers are not paid whilst they train they can get VEU support. If they are paid, the company gets the support.