Comisiones Obreras (CCOO) publishes report on the added value of development cooperation led by trade unions

Comisiones Obreras (CCOO) of Extremadura and the Peace and Solidarity Institute of the Fundación 1o de Mayo have launched the report "Development cooperation and the role of trade union actors in the framework of the 2030 Agenda" with the aim of generating dynamic, network-based and reality-transforming knowledge.

Here below is an extract from the report:

“Trade unions have played and are playing an important role in promoting sustainable human development and governance. As social organisations fully linked to the productive sectors, they offer a differentiated vision to the development cooperation sector: they participate in the development of labour and economic policies, in the promotion of employment and decent work, gender equality, just transition, occupational health and safety, etc. They are highly representative and have significant experience in tripartite coordinated work, with extensive experience in social dialogue and collective bargaining... They are undoubtedly key entities for an equitable redistribution of wealth.

‘Trade unions are actors of development in their own right. Through their daily work in defending freedom of association and collective bargaining rights, engaging in social dialogue and promoting decent work, trade unions are essential to achieving sustainable development (ITUC TUDCN).


“The main objective of trade union development cooperation is to combat the violation of labour rights (unionisation, strike, assembly, risk prevention, etc.). Alongside this central objective, a series of priorities emerge such as the extension of collective bargaining, the strengthening of social dialogue, the fight against labour informality, the promotion of decent work as an essential element for development, the strengthening of trade union organisations in partner countries and the creation of networks that approach the problems of the working population in a global manner.

More information in Spanish: