Asia-Pacific Economic Coopration (APEC) Economic Leader’s Meeting 2006 (Hanoi) - APLN Statement

"Towards an APEC community for sustainable development and rights"

The leaders of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
(APEC) forum will meet in their 14th APEC Summit in Hanoi,
Vietnam from 18-19 November 2006 under the theme of Towards a
Dynamic Community for Sustainable Development and Prosperity.
Achieving sustainable development, economic growth and higher
living standards requires respect for workers’ rights accompanied by
high levels of investment in training, retraining and education
policies. APEC Leaders must recognise that APEC needs to change
its imbalanced, business-oriented approach to globalisation and give
the highest policy priority to achieving social justice through the
creation of decent work for all, based on the full respect of
fundamental workers’ rights...

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Statement of the APLN to the 2006 APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting