And now the people of Haiti! Second phase of the trade union programme of action

In mid-September 2012 the second phase in the TUCA/ITUC special programme of action on Haiti will start. Kattia Paredes Moreno will coordinate it on behalf of TUCA/TUCA.

Up until now Kattia Paredes M. has been a member of the ITUC Equality Department where she has been responsible for migration and gender equality related files. Furthermore, she has many years of experience within the international trade union movement.

The presence of a TUCA/ITUC representative in this country will be important to pursue the trade union programme to implement the roadmap approved during the Santo Domingo Trade Union Summit (April 2010). The roadmap placed emphasis on organising, the defence of workers’ rights, social protection and the creation of decent work. The new action plan (September 2012 – September 2013) will also enable to continue to develop a space for coordination between the Haitian trade union organisations as well as the Global Union Federations, the international Solidarity Support Organisations in Haiti amongst others and the ILO as a matter of priority.

This new programme will focus on strengthening the unity of action of TUCA/ITUC affiliates in Haiti along with the other unions members of the secteur syndical haïtien, being the objective to help them be strong actors in the social and economic life of the country. The organising programme will also focus on strengthening the capacities of current and future trade union leaders, with a strong focus on women and young people and across all sectors and regions.

You can contact the new coordinator at [email protected].