Africa Rising: Inequalities and the Essential Role of Fair Taxation – report

Christian Aid and Tax Justice Network Africa have recently launched their report “Africa Rising? Inequalities and the essential role of fair taxation”. The report looks at the link between tax policy and inequality, and focuses on eight African countries: Kenya, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

The report finds that inequality is set to worsen without severe tax policy reforms at national and global level. Therefore, Christian Aid and Tax Justice Network Africa make the following recommendations:

• National tax reforms: Governments in sub-Saharan Africa should focus on raising tax revenue, with tax equity at the centre of the tax reform and revenue raising strategy.

• Pan-African tax reforms and coordinated actions: Governments in sub-Saharan African should coordinate their tax policies and improve their access to information across countries as well as pushing for global reforms.

• Global reforms: The international community must tackle financial secrecy and tax havens.

• Post-2015 process: New goals to replace the MDGs when they expire in 2015 could, with the right targets and indicators, drive energy and resources into the development of fairer taxation systems to address inequality. All governments should join the growing international campaign to make equality central to the post-2015 MDG successor framework.

To read the full report in English, please see below