World Women’s Conference third session: A new social contract and a gender-transformative agenda

Hundreds of women trade union leaders from across the world have gathered in Melbourne, Australia for the final event in the fourth World Women’s Conference (WWC).

The delegates will build on the outcomes of the first and second session: a gender transformative trade union agenda aimed at building recovery and resilience towards a new social contract grounded in equality, equity and inclusion.

This ambition is expressed in the programme:
1. Building a care economy.
2. Eradicating gender-based violence and harassment in the world of work.
3. Upholding gender equality and inclusion for peace and democracy.
4. Realising equal pay for work of equal value.
5. Towards universal gender-responsive social protection systems.
6. Ensuring a gender-transformative just transition.
7. Equitable access to skills development, training and lifelong learning.
8. Women’s transformational leadership.

ITUC General Secretary Sharan Burrow said: “This conference and its outcomes are a crucial factor that will advance gender equality, equity and inclusion within the context of a global health, economic and social crisis during debate at the 5th ITUC World Congress.

“It will ensure that women trade unionists directly impact the priorities of the global trade union movement for the next four years. This will drive change in the priority areas of this conference as we work for a new social contract for recovery and resilience – grounded in equality and equity.”

The WWC website here includes a full background and supporting material.