Philippines Solidarity Actions - 10 December

Unions across the world are preparing to take action in solidarity with human and trade union rights defenders in the Philippines on 10 December, international Human Right Day.

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State-led stigmatisation of labour organisations for their ideologies has been going on for far too long in the Philippines, in contravention of the principle of freedom of association. Through the practice of “red-tagging”, labour organisations are labelled as legal fronts of an underground armed struggle movement and the arrested activists are routinely alleged of possessing firearms and ammunitions planted by state officers to justify fabricated charges. The recent raids and arrests worsen the existing coercive environment effectively preventing workers from forming and joining trade unions, and unions from pursuing legitimate activities.

Who is taking part?

If you would like to add your action to the map, please contact us at [email protected].

Action suggestions

Many unions will be sending a letter of protest to the government, and delivering it to the Filipino representation in their country. You can download a model letter here.

In order to give additional visibility to the red-tagging violence and repression that Human Rights defenders, including trade unionists, are being targeted with by the government, we propose that participants wear red-tags.

How to make your red tag
by [ITUCCSI->]

Make sure your action is visible by using #StopTheAttacks.

Visual material is available here for download and use.

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