🔴 Live: unions on the move for climate action

📣 Just Transition for Climate Ambition

Working people around the world are taking to the streets right now for the Global Week of Climate Action to demand ambitious commitments from governments at the UN Climate Summit on 23 September.

We know that a Just Transition for all needs to be part of climate action plans. Governments are feeling the pressure and now is the time to make our voices heard for real climate solutions that bring everybody along.

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On the ground – joining forces


Workers and their communities are participating in the global week of action to coincide with the UN Climate Summit (23 September). Starting with a global student strike on Friday 20 September and culminating with a global day of action on Friday 27 September.

Joint actions are being prepared in many places in collaboration with youth and climate movements amongst others. The ITUC is also calling on all decision-makers to recognise the urgency of the climate crisis and has co-signed the #UniteBehindTheScience statement.

The full list of events being organised during the week of action, to which individuals and organisations can sign up, is available here. Unions have determined the appropriate actions to take from workplace action to community mobilisation.

Unions are uniting their actions under the banner #JustTransition for #ClimateAmbition on social media to show the support of the union movement during the global week of action.

In June the Climate-Proof Our Work action saw workers and unions around the world promote just transition measures at the workplace. Now September, we are brining our demands from workplaces to policy-making halls across the world.

What unions want at the UN Climate Summit – #JustTransition for #ClimateAmbition

The global week of action marks a crucial moment, both in terms of public attention and of policy decisions.

The Climate Summit was called by UN Secretary General António Guterres with the aim to increase the ambition of national governments. As part of the UN’s broader climate work, all countries have set ‘Nationally Determined Contributions’ (NDCs). These determine the climate objectives of each country and are accompanied by government plans on how to get there. In 2020 governments will revise their NDCs. Unions should be at the table to be a part of designing those plans.

Unions know that the only way to achieve a successful and lasting global transition to environmental sustainability is to build social consensus by ensuring that working people are part of the local, industry-wide and national plans. Unions have been reaching out to policy-makers with Just Transition proposals. Many have been taken up but many more have not.

That is why we are calling on all governments at the UN Summit to engage with working people and integrate concrete just transition measures in their climate action plans. Unions are asking governments to sign up to the commitments on Just Transition proposed by the governments of Spain and Peru and supported by the ILO and the ITUC.


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