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Follow live as unions from around the world are coming together in the streets of Geneva on 17 June 2019 to demand a New Social Contract.

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The demonstration brings together trade union representatives from around the world. The rally is being held at the start of the second week of the centennial International Labour Conference (ILC). Thousands are taking to the streets of Geneva, to demand "an ILO fit for the 21st Century - time for a New Social Contract".


The International Labour Organisation is 100 years old this year. It launched the year with a report on the future of work entitled “Work for a brighter future” which set out ambitious proposals to address the challenges of the future. It called for a reinvigorated social contract based on a Universal Labour Guarantee.

That Universal Labour Guarantee would provide all working people – whatever their employment arrangements – the core rights of the ILO fundamental principles (freedom from child and forced labour, freedom from discrimination at work, and freedom of association and collective bargaining) as well as the right to a living wage, health and safety at work, and control over working time.

The rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining – including the right to strike – are under attack. The trade union movement is acting to defend those rights and ensure that they are available in practice, not just on paper, for all workers.

Trade unions globally are calling on the centennial ILC to adopt an ambitious Declaration on the future of work which would build on the proposals of the “Work for a brighter future” report. Trade unions are demanding that the rights of workers be guaranteed throughout global supply chains and international trade agreements, bringing international policy coherence for the pursuit of social justice. It is the only way to strengthen the multilateral system which is under attack from right-wing populists.

In particular this year we are also demanding that the ILC conclude its second year of discussion with the adoption of a binding Convention on violence and harassment in the world of work with a strong focus on gender-based violence, so that women can go to work free from fear and abuse.


The ITUC, which brings together national trade union centres in 163 countries, has coordinated the rally. Representatives from many of these countries are in attendance.

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