Civil Society demonstration at UNCTAD 14

With limited opportunity to engage in either negociations or in high level dialogue during UNCTAD 14, civil society decided to mobilise in support of G77 positions. In the midst of a negociation deadlock, the vocal support of civil society, gave additional legitimacy to G77 positions.

Banners were displayed bearing slogans relating to the points of contention in the ongoing negociations. In particular, negociators were encouraged to protect and reinforce the existing space for independent development policy-making within UNCTAD as well as to give countries an equal footing in efforts to address tax avoidance and evasion.


While the resulting negotiated outcome did not meet the expectations of civil society, some progress was subsequently made on the issue of protecting the developmental mandate of UNCTAD.

Local media coverage of the event carried the messages of civil society. The demonstration was successful in highlighting the issues at play and put added weight to the G77 position and pressure on negotiators from the US and EU.

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