3rd ITUC World Women’s Conference/Women’s Organising Assembly

The 3rd ITUC World Women’s Conference/Women’s Organising Assembly is an important opportunity for women trade unionists from around the world to gather and strategise to advance gender equality and equity in the world of work.

The Assembly takes place at a crucial time for women workers. We are living through a persistent global economic and jobs crisis, worsening impacts of climate change, deepening social and economic inequalities in many parts of the world, and the rise of populist misogyny and nationalism. Trade union organising and activism is all the more important if we are to change course and create the future we want for ourselves, for our families and for our communities.

The four priority themes of the Conference, shaped around the ITUC Count Us In Campaign, are:

  • Peace, freedom and democracy
  • The future of women at work
  • Building and economic agenda for women, including the care economy & women in leadership positions
  • Ending gender-based violence in the world of work

The methodology of the Organising Assembly will be highly participatory, placing art, activism, education, and culture at the heart of organising.