2nd Global Forum on Migration and Development (Manila) - Global Unions Statement

Constructing an architecture of protection of human and trade union rights, for migrant workers and their families

Migration for employment is increasingly becoming a marked feature of the
global economy. Governments are seeking to shape the process and address the attendant
issues through a newly evolving entity, the Global Forum on Migration and
Development, the GFMD. Given our core mission to uphold the interests and defend the
rights of all workers, including migrant workers, trade unions have been actively
involved in this intergovernmental process on migration from its inception in the United
Nations High Level Dialogue of 2006, and in the follow-up mechanism, the 1st GFMD
which was held in Brussels in 2007. It is critically important for the international trade
union movement to continue and intensify its engagement with the 2nd GFMD (Manila in
October 2008) and its outcomes. This is essential, not only because of the centrality of
the issues to the trade union movement, but also because the government leaders of the
process have so far not created satisfactory modalities for the full and effective
participation of trade unions as well as migrant and other civil society organizations that
work directly with migrants. This is a challenge that needs to be addressed head-on going

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Global Unions Statement to the 2nd Global Forum on Migration and Development