2021 CWC Conference

The CWC 2021 Workers’ Capital Conference will be held virtually from October 25-29th, 2021

The annual conference provides a collaborative space for trade union representatives and labour-nominated trustees to discuss strategies and perspectives on holding asset managers accountable to fundamental labour rights in the investment chain.

The conference will feature three formal sessions that highlight key issues relevant to the stewardship of workers capital. Campaign Spotlights have also been organized for each day of the conference where global trade unions will highlight an active shareholder advocacy campaign and share how collogues can get involved. Then the final day of the conference will feature an interactive brainstorming session where participants will be able to share and discuss CWC priorities for the upcoming year. Although sessions are still in development, the conference schedule is as follows:

Session 1 and campaign spotlights (October 25th at 17:00 Central European Summer Time)

Session 2 and campaign spotlights (October 26th at 18:00 Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Session 3 and campaign spotlights (October 26th at 17:00 Eastern Daylight Time)

Session 4a (October 28th at 17:00 Central European Summer Time) and Session 4b (October 29th at 9:00 Australian Eastern Standard Time): An interactive brainstorming session on CWC 2021-2022 priorities

Important: Registration is exclusively open to participants who are affiliated to a trade union. If you are not affiliated to a trade union, please contact the CWC Secretariat to indicate your interest in attending the conference. Registrations from non-trade union participants will be reviewed on a case by case basis.