New Social Contract

ITUC Newsletter - October 2023

International Day for #Care2023

Luc Triangle, ITUC General Secretary

This month will be busy building up to the ITUC General Council in December, where we will report on our achievements this year, our plans for 2024 and our progress towards seeking an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice on the protection of the right to strike in ILO Conventions. We will also discuss the follow-up to the ILO Commission of Inquiry into Belarus, with a procedure under Article 33 of the ILO Constitution.

Following the successful campaign by the ITUC and our global union partners, on 29 October the world will mark the UN International Day of Care and Support. We will be demanding investment in care and decent work for the almost 400m care workers in the world, two-thirds of whom are women. With women performing three-quarters of all unpaid care work, there is an urgent need for a more equitable sharing of care work between men and women.

The International Day for the eradication of poverty, 17 October, offers another platform to reinforce our demand for universal social protection, the realisation of full employment as a core policy objective and the formalisation of informal work.

And on 24 October, United Nations day, we must recall the vital work of the UN. With Hamas’ ferocious attacks on Israel and the brutal aftermath adding yet another escalation of conflict in the world, all countries must accept the crucial role played by the UN in avoiding and resolving conflicts and ensuring respect for international humanitarian and human rights law.

The quest for peace, democracy and rights will continue to feature prominently in the ITUC’s work. To achieve this, we need a rapid acceleration of the as yet slow progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals which will help build the foundations for peace and deliver workers a New Social Contract.

In solidarity,

Luc Triangle
ITUC General Secretary

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