New Social Contract

ITUC Newsletter - February 2024

Democracy, equality and social justice are the big themes this month.

On 4 March, we begin our campaign For Democracy at all levels: at work, in society and globally. Democracy is under attack in every region of the world, and we will be backing our affiliates to push back against the tide of authoritarianism and far-right ideologies, and push for democracy.

And this is our call this 8 March International Women’s Day – women demand their right to an inclusive democracy. True gender equality is a core pillar of a true democracy. Until you have true gender equality, your democracy remains unfinished.

This World Day for Social Justice we will be joining the ILO’s global coalition for social justice to intensify international efforts to expand decent work and promote sustainable and inclusive development.

Recently, we have been active at the World Economic Forum showing governments that the right choices can increase trust in democracy, and in Argentina we backed out affiliates opposing the far-right policies of the Javier Milei government.

Finally, looking ahead to International Workers’ Memorial Day, 28 April, we will be taking action to highlight the serious risks faced by workers from the effects of climate change.

You can find more key dates and events below.

In solidarity

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UN Commission on Social Development
5 - 14 February

World Day of Social Justice
20 February

Second anniversary of Russian invasion of Ukraine
24 February

World Trade Organization, Ministerial Conference
26 – 29 February

ITUC For Democracy launch
4 March

International Women’s Day
8 March

UN Commission on the Status of Women
11 – 22 March

ILO Governing Body
4 – 15 March

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
21 March

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