New Social Contract

ITUC Newsletter - November 2023

Luc Triangle, ITUC General Secretary

The next key date for the ITUC is 24 November, when workers, UNI Global Union and its affiliates, and other citizens groups will take action to Make Amazon Pay. This global mobilisation will hold the e-commerce giant to account for its anti-social, environmentally destructive and anti-competitive business model. Please take a look at the information and materials available and give your support.

The following day, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, will see the start of 16 Days of activism against gender-based violence, which centres our demand to ratify and implement ILO Convention 190 and thereby create workplace policies and legislation that protects workers from facing violence and harassment.

Trade unionists from Africa, Asia and Europe will join their Australian colleagues at the 23rd World Congress on Safety and Health at Work, organised by the ILO. The union delegation will be stressing the need to see progress now that occupational safety and health is recognised by the ILO as a fundamental right at work, and making the case that unionised workplaces are safer and healthier.

Our work also involves a commitment to work for peace. This means a world based on common security, not on the threat of complete destruction promised by nuclear weapons. That is why the ITUC will be participating in the second meeting of state parties for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

It is in our common interest to take urgent action to tackle the threat of climate change. At the COP28 climate talks, we will make it clear that working people must be at the centre of plans to move to a low-carbon economy. This means immediate, comprehensive, global action to realise a just transition with social dialogue and collective bargaining.

The ITUC Executive Bureau met on 13 November to focus on our annual financial report, the 2024 budget, enhanced procedures for the ITUC secretariat and preparations for the General Council in Brussels, 12-14 December.

Finally, a reminder of the great news that the ILO Governing Body has referred the legal basis of the right to strike to the International Court of Justice. We are sure that this process will validate the right to strike in international law – a right that is fundamental for workers to get a fair deal and, as history shows, for democracy.

In solidarity,

Luc Triangle
ITUC General Secretary


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