New Social Contract

ITUC Newsletter – April 2023


Akiko Gono, ITUC President

This month I will be taking the ITUC’s call for a New Social Contract to the Chair of the G7 – the Prime Minister of my country, Japan, as part of the L7 summit in Tokyo, bringing together trade unionists from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the USA.

Later in the month, a smaller delegation will participate in the G7 Labour and Employment Ministers Meeting in Kurashiki and we will be lobbying the IMF and World Bank Spring Meetings too.

Among other demands, we want to see more jobs and higher wages to tackle the cost-of-living crisis, social protection for all and the implementation of the new fundamental right to a safe and healthy working environment, as well as a just transition to address the challenges of climate change – something that will be reflected on Earth Day, 22 April.

Organising for health and safety will of course be the theme for International Workers’ Memorial Day on 28 April, as we prepare yet again for four days of action running through to International Workers’ Day on 1 May.

In one country in particular, Eswatini, we are still campaigning for democracy itself, with a global day of action, 12 April. If you have an Eswatini embassy or high commission where you live, organise a protest against the last feudal dictatorship in Africa. For details and materials, go to the action page here.

At the ITUC this month, as well as convening the Women’s Committee, we are making preparations to appoint an Acting General Secretary to replace Luca Visentini, who lost the confidence of the General Council on 11 March. There will be an Extraordinary Election Congress in September when a new General Secretary will be elected.

In solidarity,

Akiko Gono, ITUC President

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The International Monetary Fund, World Bank: Spring Meetings
10-16 April

Eswatini Global Day of Action
12 April

Earth Day
22 April

ITUC Women’s Committee
24-25 April

International Workers’ Memorial Day
28 April

May Day: International Workers’ Day
1 May

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