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Trade unions want measures to ensure private sector compliance with SDGs
TUAC and ITUC/TUDCN participated in the OECD’s annual week on Private Finance for Sustainable Development to discuss the role of private sector in development finance. During the session, the ITUC/TUDCN presented its most recent publications on this topic.
Policies and advocacy
 Publication  The contribution of Social dialogue to the 2030 Agenda

As a mechanism for participation, Social Dialogue contributes to building innovative approaches that enable progress with the formalisation of the informal economy. This process is one of the greatest challenges on the path to achieving decent work for all, as well as inclusive and sustainable societies, in line with the 2030 Agenda.
Tackling the twin challenges of climate change and inequality

ITUC-CSI General Secretary, Sharan Burrow, and Greenpeace Executive Director, Jennifer Morgan, have written a joint opinion calling on decision-makers and global influencers who attended Davos’ World Economic Forum to change the rules of the global economy to benefit people and the planet alike.

News from the TUDCN network

Asia Pacific trade unions prepare for 2019 key development milestones

Representatives of 17 ITUC affiliates met in Bangkok on 21-22 January at the regional meeting of the Asia-Pacific Trade Union Development Cooperation Network (AP TUDCN) to discuss visibility and advocacy strategies.
Boosting trade unions’ development partnerships in Southern Africa

What is the state of trade union-led partnerships in development cooperation initiatives in Southern Africa? Participants in the African Trade Union Development Network Partnerships Meeting for Southern Africa met in in Windhoek (Namibia) on 23-24 January to present their work and exchange on ways to improve further.
 Video  Global chains of production create precarious jobs and informality

The TUCA has issued an educational package on how transnational enterprises are contributing to precariousness and informality through their global production chains. The package comprises the video “What are global production chains” and the publication “Global Production Chains and Trade Union Action”

News from the development community

 Video  What is trade union solidarity?
How can one explain in a simple and direct way the work of international solidarity that unions lead around the world? The Institute for Trade Union Cooperation (Belgium) achieved the feat with this educational video entitled: "Decent work: the red thread of our international solidarity"

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Kenya: Teacher’s federation rejoins COTU-K
The teachers’ Federation in Kenya (Kenya National Union of Teachers - KNUT) has joined the country’s Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU). This decision strengthens the trade union movement in the Kenya.

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Call to action: Together to achieve Universal Social Protection by 2030
The Global Partnership for Universal Social Protection - an initiative involving the ILO, World Bank, and the ITUC among others - adopted a Call for Action to advance the implementation of SDG 1.3. The Call notably calls for promoting universal and rights-based social protection, putting in place reliable sources of financing, and ensuring the involvement of social partners in the governance of social protection systems.

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Errors and Omissions: A glance at the European Commission’s new Communication on Policy Coherence for Development
In this critical analysis of the European Commission's recent report on Policy Coherence for Development, Eurodad reveals that the Commission is neglecting the risks and impacts that EU’s fiscal and monetary policies are having on sustainable development in and outside the EU.

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 Publication  The SDGs in the G20 Buenos Aires Declaration
The Centre for International Strategic Thinking (CEPEI) has published a report analysing how much the SDGs are taken into account in the Declaration of Buenos Aires adopted by the G20. Among many other findings, the document concludes that the level of ambition of the G20 that is reflected in the Declaration is less than the commitments enshrined in the 2030 Agenda.

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