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On 10 July, the ITUC will participate in the United Nations High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) to advocate for trade union priorities towards accelerating world's progress on SDG 7

Workers are fully aware of the vital importance of achieving an effective transition to reliable, affordable and sustainable energy to improve working and living conditions while preserving the environment. To this end, it is important that workers are included in the transition process because, as Zingiswa Losi (COSATU, South Africa), explains:

The shift toward renewable energy must take place through a clear and inclusive just transition.

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To be able to contribute to SDG 7, workers are calling for a gender-transformative, SDG 8-led New Social Contract with six key workers’ demands: (1) decent, climate-friendly jobs with just transition; (2) rights for all workers; (3) minimum living wages; (4) universal social protection for all; (5) equality in income, gender and race; and (6) inclusion within and among countries, based on social dialogue and renewed multilateralism.

Workers’ priorities for Goal 7

  • Recognise energy access as a human right.
  • Tackle energy poverty by ensuring energy access for all.
  • Invest in green, decent jobs with gender-responsive just transition measures.

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  • 10 July Opening of the HLPF
  • 11 July Review of SDG 6
  • 12 July Review of SDG 7 and SDG 9
  • 13 July Review of SDG 11
  • 14 to 19 July Voluntary National Reviews (VNR) sessions
  • 19 July Conclusion of the HLPF 

➡️Consult the official programme of the HLPF

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The Clock is Ticking for a New Social Contract

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