Youth Campaign

The objective of this youth campaign is to give some further tools for your organizing campaigns, some materials that can add other reasons to become unionised: all the work trade unions do on international level.

People all across the world join trade unions to get better pay and conditions at work, and the more people join, the stronger their union. Trade unions negotiate and represent workers in all types of sectors and in different kinds of jobs, and their members benefit from the “union advantage” of higher incomes and a better working life. Each trade union knows best how to encourage workers to join and how to organise union members in their own environment, work place or any other situation. There are just as many ways of organizing as there are work places and trade unions.

You are welcome to use the tools available to your own advantage and in any way you see fit. We suggest you think about including the following materials in your already existing recruitment campaigns and youth campaigns. If your union is not specifically focusing on reaching out to young workers, then maybe now is the time to start, and we hope that these tools will help.

YOU can make a difference!


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