World Day for Decent Work – Events Worldwide

Global Union Federation IndustriALL’s social media call to stop precarious work has reached over 1 million people in one of the most prominent actions on this year’s World Day for Decent Work. 113 events from 35 countries have already been registered on the special website-, starting with activities in the Philippines and concluding on the west coast of the Americas.

Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary, said “There have been an enormous variety of events today, in the type of activities being organised and also the wide range of topics, ranging from local struggles for justice and fairness at work through to solidarity actions on global issues such as the kafala system of forced labour in Gulf countries. There has also been strong support this year from environmental groups for decent work and just transition measures in tackling climate change. They, like we, recognise that there are no jobs on a dead planet.”

“Investing in decent work is crucial to pulling the world out of the economic doldrums and reducing the appalling levels of economic inequality which are even more pervasive now than before the 2008 economic crisis began. Investment in sustainability through infrastructure, health, education and the care economy will create new jobs, and global respect for workers’ rights to union representation, collective bargaining and decent minimum wages are cornerstones for restoring justice into the world economy and generating economic demand.”

ITUC global polling in 2014 shows that 80% of people want their governments to act on reducing the gap between rich and poor, and to do more to ensure fair wages.
To see the ITUC 2014 Global Poll results

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