Trade Unions and HIV/AIDS

World Conference on Social Determinants of Health tackles health inequalities and human rights

(19-21.10.2012) WHO is convening this global conference to build support for the implementation of action on social determinants of health. The conference will bring together Member States and stakeholders to share experiences on policies and strategies aiming to reduce health inequities. It will provide a global platform for dialogue on how to take forward the recommendations of the WHO Commission on Social Determinants of Health (2008).

The World Conference on Social Determinants of Health, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, takes place between 19 - 21 October.

Trade union HIV/AIDS programs were born out of the recognition that social justice is a matter of life and death, socio-economic policies are determinants to health and that at the same time health determines equality and development (individual and collective). The conference’s outcome document, the Rio Declaration, will help to build high-level international backing for the further development and implementation of national policies to address social determinants of health. It can provide with more argument to support the trade union position on HIV/AIDS and other MDGs MDGs The Millennium Development Goals are eight international development goals that were officially establishing following the Millennium Summit of the United Nations in 2000. All 193 United Nations member states have agreed to achieve these goals by 2015. The ITUC advocates for the inclusion of Decent Work and Social Protection in the new development framework. , including the work on the implementation of the ILO HIV and AIDS Recommendation no. 200 (2010) at the global as well as at the national level.

The conference will be attended by ministers of health, foreign affairs, the environment and other sectors; representatives of international agencies, philanthropic institutions and civil society organizations; leading academics and technical experts; and representatives from the private sector.

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The Commission’s final report was launched in August 2008, and contained three overarching recommendations:
1. Improve daily living conditions
2. Tackle the inequitable distribution of power, money, and resources
3. Measure and understand the problem and assess the impact of action

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