Workers’ Future

Climate Change, Post-2015 and Social Protection Floor

Hunger. Unemployment. Exploitation. Violence. Diseases. Climate Change. The list of bad news in our planet looks like a never-ending one. And yet the list of those at the forefront of the consequences is quite short: working people, their families, their communities, their environment.

Over the past decades people have been forced to find solutions on their own. Well, the labour movement is convinced that we need collective approaches, and global commitments to put an end to these challenges.

The United Nations can contribute to the transformation we need. Through the development of new goals for humanity, an ambitious deal on climate change and the development of instruments to help workers in the transition to sustainability governments still have a chance to respond to the challenges their citizens are facing and contribute to a fair, sustainable world.
How a future for working people looks like? Well, enter the debate, add your voice!