What you can do

  • Call for a meeting with representatives of your government to explain why it is important to support an ILO Convention “Violence and Harassment against Women and Men in the World of Work”, including gender-based violence. Then, share a picture of your delegation on social media! The ITUC campaign toolkit includes many tips for lobbying your government.
  • Organise a march or a public event where trade union leaders, supportive politicians, employers and celebrities pledge their support for a binding ILO instrument to eradicate gender-based violence in the world of work.
  • Download and share the 23 Days of Action infographics on social media platforms using the hashtags #StopGBVatWork #23Days.
  • Create your own materials by adding the 23 Days of Action logo on your photos, infographics, posters, etc. and share them on social media platforms. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #StopGBVatWork #23Days.
  • Take photos and videos of your actions and post them on your website and social media platforms using the hashtags #StopGBVatWork #23Days and ask your network to share them as well.
  • Please keep us informed about your activities by sending your story and photos to [email protected]. If you have any questions, please also email us at this address.