Webinar: SDGs for recovery and resilience in the Americas: Trade union priorities

In this webinar, trade unions will discuss ways to advance the implementation of the SDGs ahead of the Regional Forum and the HLPF, considering the serious situation in which the working class finds itself in the region. The main responses to this situation, which are being carried out by key institutions in the region and the proposals that the unions are placing in the public debate will be presented through a high-level debate on strategies for recovery and resilience in the Decade of Action for the SDGs that will include representatives of the TUCA, CEPAL and the ILO.


Practical information
- Date: 05 March 2021
- Schedule: 10h -12h30 (UYT) | 14h-16h30 (CET)
- Venue: Online

This event is co-financed by the European Union