Update: Follow up on the ILO Recommendation concerning HIV and AIDS and the world of work.

The ITUC has issued a circular to all its affiliates, Women’s and Youth Committees and Global Union Federations, containing a background note explaining the reporting process with regards the ILO HIV and AIDS Recommendation, as well as a model letter to be sent to Governments to influence the debate at the
national level (with the goal of adopting national workplace HIV/AIDS policies).

ITUC is committed to assist affiliates to take the action at the national level. The circular will be followed by the organization of regional meetings by the end of 2010 aiming at reviewing the initiatives taken and developing strategies for the next level of action.

It is important to note that the work plan on supporting the national implementation of the Recommendation (i.e. demanding the adoption of the national level workplace HIV/AIDs policies) has a significant impact on the further trade union work concerning the Global Fund. If the workplace is not
recognized nationally as a strategic area of action, then workplace-related proposals to the Global Fund do not have a strong chance to be accepted by the Country Coordinating Mechanisms, as the CCMs cross-check the proposals they receive against priorities recognized in the relevant national HIV/AIDS policy.
It is estimated that only about 30 countries worldwide have some workplace related regulation in this area, so there is clearly a need for further action on the Recommendation.

Photo: Trygve.u