TUDCN 2016 General Meeting, Bangkok, 5-7 April 2016 - Background documents

General Meeting Conclusions EN FR ES

General Meeting Report EN FR ES

- Agenda EN FR ES

- Activity report May 2015 - April 2016

- Conclusions from the last TUDCN General Meeting, Florence 27-29 April 2015

- ITUC General Council resolution Trade Union Priorities for Development

PART I: Progress reports

- Trade Union reaction to the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

- Update on the UN Statistical Commission, UN Headquarters, New York
8-11 March, 2016

- Outcome of the Addis Ababa conference

- Update on CSO Financing for Development Coordination Meeting, Rome 3-4 March 2016

- 2nd Joint OECD-DAC and Trade Union Forum - Documents and presentations from the meeting

- Update on Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation Steering Committee Meeting, Lilongwe 29 February – 1 March 2016

- EU development policies - TUDCN activities 2015-2016

- The relevance of social dialogue in development - New TUDCN/CPDE studies

- The development effectiveness of supporting the private sector with ODA funds - New TUDCN/CPDE DFI report

- New TUDCN brochure "Trade unions as actors of development education and awareness raising for global solidarity"

- TUDEP implementation

- TUs Partnerships Working Group report

- News from TUDCN members

- Presentation from TUCA/CSA: Informe 2015-16 y preparación Congreso CSA (Giulia Massobrio)

PART II: TUDCN strategy 2016-2020

- TUDCN global strategy 2016-2020 FR ES

PART III: Focus on Agenda 2030 and trade unions engagement

- Agenda 2030 monitoring framework

- ATUDN Work Plan 2015-2015

- TUDCN WG EU Agenda 2030 survey preliminary results

PART IV: Focus on GPEDC HLM2 and trade unions priorities

PART V: Focus on "trade unions partnerships" future approaches

- Strategy concept on capacity development/organisational capacity and organising

- Strategy concept note on the role of ODA in supporting decent work and social dialogue

- Joint trade union initiatives on development strategy

PART VI: TUDCN communication and outreach

- TUDCN communication and outreach strategy

PART VII: TUDCN action plan 2016-2017

- TUDCN workplan 2016-2017


General Meeting Presentation EN