Trade Unions at the Top of the World

A member of Nepal’s Sherpa trade union, Dorje Khatri, yesterday planted the ITUC flag on the summit of Mount Everest, symbolising the trade union commitment to protecting the planet from climate change. Sherpa Dorje and his team placed the flag at 06.30 on 26 May and are now descending from the peak.

Dorje’s organisation, the Union of Trekking, Travel, Rafting and Airline Workers, belongs to ITUC Nepalese affiliate GEFONT, which said today that the ascent was to “draw attention of the international community that our planet is melting down”.

“Dorje Khatri’s union protects Sherpas from exploitation. It is also helping to protect the planet from catastrophic climate change. We salute the amazing courage and commitment of Sherpa Dorje and his colleagues,” said ITUC General Secretary Sharan Burrow

On previous ascents to the summit, Sherpa Dorje has planted the flags of GEFONT and its member organisations, as well as Global Union Federations BWI and IMF. Dorje, 46 years old, has now climbed Everest, which is known to Nepalis by its original name Sagarmatha, seven times.

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