Trade unions at the 2010 International AIDS Conference in Vienna

Video from trade union participation in 2010 International AIDS Conference in Vienna

The Austrian Trade Union Association (ÖGB), an ITUC affiliate, hosted trade unionists from all over the world to participate in the International AIDS Conference that took place in Vienna in July 2010. Among the participants were representatives of sectoral trade unions from Guyana (Clerical and General Workers Union Gyuyana), Canada (CUPE), global union federations - EI, ITF, ICEM.

ITUC delegation consisted of representatives of the affiliated organizations - Trade Union Congress Philippines (Philippines), National Organisation of Trade Unions (Uganda), Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (Zimbabwe), Nigeria Labour Congress (Nigeria), Federation of Trade Unions FPU (Ukraine), Trade Union Congress of Tanzania (Tanzania) Ghana Trade Union Congress (Ghana), Trade Union Congress (UK).

On 20 July a second Human Rights march was organized that ended with the artist Annie Lennox performing a concert and presenting her campaign

More information about the Austrian Trade Union Federation at the 18th International Aids Conference in Vienna, Austria (July 18th - 23rd 2010):