Convention on Climate Change COP14 (2008) - Trade unions and climate change

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), in a new groundbreaking policy statement, has clearly reaffirmed its commitment towards reaching a socially-fair and climate-engaged agreement by the end of 2009.

ITUC General Secretary Guy Ryder explained the movement’s main reasons for its strong position: “The trade union movement calls on governments to take immediate action on climate change. It is a moral responsibility to do so. We must collectively initiate an indispensable transition towards a more equitable and just society; a society in which the most vulnerable no longer pay the price of irresponsibility. We now have, through sustainable production and consumption patterns, a unique and historic opportunity to transform our societies for the better. For these reasons, trade unions support ambitious action in developed countries, in line with IPCC recommendations and entailing far-reaching investments in green jobs and other just transition policies. We call on industrialised countries to lead the way and provide the necessary financial and technological support so that developing nations can engage fully on the path towards a more environmentally sustainable and socially just society”.

A commitment towards equity and social dialogue; an analysis of the impacts on labour markets and social protection schemes all form essential elements that must be integrated when elaborating and implementing climate policies. Our ability to reach an ambitious and socially just climate framework for the post 2012 period depends on this. Millions of workers throughout the world, united within the international trade union movement, are ready to engage in this historic transformation process”, concluded Ryder.

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COP 14 - Trade Union Statement

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