Trade Union Focus on Development - Issue 16


TU Principles and Guidelines Approved by the ITUC General Council (GC)

On February 2 the ITUC (GC) approved with unanimity the document on “Trade Union Principles and Guidelines on Development Effectiveness”. This document is the result of the work of the TUDCN members during the last couple of years, and it is based on a significant process of consultations including with organisations in the North and in the South, such as ITUC regional structures, national centres, solidarity support organisations, and global union federations.

Development Effectiveness is nowadays one of the highest priorities in international debates on development cooperation. Within the TUDCN we have tried to translate this concept in trade unions terms, exploring its dimensions and implications. Indeed, the Principles & Guidelines aim to represent the vision and the values of trade unions, and is meant to serve as a common reference for development cooperation initiatives, and to ultimately contribute to enhance the impact of trade union cooperation programmes.