Trade Union and organizations links on the crisis

TUAC: list of trade union statements and press releases
Here is a list of weblinks to trade union statements, press releases and other written contributions published following the deepening of the financial crisis in September 2008.

The German Confederation of Labour, DGB, has launched an observatory on the financial crisis and the economic recession in German.

The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) has established a specific section on the economic and social crisis on its website, which highlights the early warnings that the European trade union movement has issued regarding the risks inherent to financial capitalism, as well as the positions and actions proposed by ETUC to prevent the recession from deepening further.

Bob Harris, Education International’s Senior Consultant to the General Secretary, shares on the impact of the financial crisis on education funding, and how education can be part of the solution. Find Bob Harris information and commentary on the Funding Education: Crisis Watch.

The ITF is gathering information on the crisis for the use of transport unions. This dossier provides a communications resource for transport unions and also a point for information-gathering.

The Secretary General of the Public Service International, Peter Waldorff, writes on the jobs’ and economic crisis in the PSI blog on the Financial Crisis.

The ICEM is attempting to track the responses and actions Trade Union affiliates are taking, in reaction to the recession in the ICEM Financialisation.

UNI has built a webpage on the financial crisis and the regulation of the financial markets.

The ILO Global Job Crisis Observatory offers statistics on the labour market and daily news on the impact of the crisis on jobs.